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Bend and Zen Hot Yoga in Louisville, KY

Our Hot Yoga Studio

Bend and Zen Hot Yoga | Elegant-Pristine-Sustainable

Elegant: "Beauty as Resulting from Choice Qualities"

We have the largest and most elegant yoga studio in the region, providing you more space, comfort and peace for your yoga practice.  Our spacious heated yoga studio offers a multitude of features to ensure elegance is the very essence of Bend and Zen:

  • A cork floor that is all natural, anti-microbial and beautiful as well;

  • 30 customized insulated radiant heat panels with a separate humidity system designed to ensure that the perfect “hot yoga” atmosphere is maintained;

  • A nearly 9 foot water wall ensuring that you “feel the tranquility” before and after every class;

  • 100-inch customized mirrors on two walls to keep you fully engaged and balanced;

  • Beautiful lighting with dimmer ability, allowing the perfect light no matter the time of your yoga class;

  • 4 brushed-nickel fans to circulate the air throughout the yoga studio;

  • A Namaste wall with a hand painted Lotus flower dedicated for your special yoga needs;

  • Perfectly balanced Bose surround sound system throughout; and

  • One wall dedicated to natural light with double insulated windows.

Pristine: "Clean and Fresh as if New. Spotless”

At Bend and Zen Hot Yoga, we recognize that hot yoga can leave behind a lot of “sweat” in the yoga studio.  Our yoga studio is specially designed to allow for staff to seamlessly clean the studio after each and every class.  We are committed to ensuring a luxurious and pristine environment.  Here is what we utilize to ensure our yoga studio is pristine clean:

  • A polyurethane-sealed cork floor that is hypoallergenic, inhibits and controls odor-causing bacteria and mold, which creates an amazingly healthy environment;

  • A customized air extraction system, the largest in Louisville at over 3600 cubic feet per second….which means that we can remove 100% of the “sweaty air” within 5 minutes after each class (a Louisville 1st);

  • A specially produced mist sanitizer that is made from 100% botanical, all natural ingredients that contains no VOCs; and

  • We clean our studio after EVERY yoga class!

Sustainable: “The Quality of not Harming or Depleting Natural Resources.”

At Bend and Zen Hot Yoga, we are dedicated to supporting long-term ecological balance. We have consciously created a yoga studio that supports our environment:

  • Through unique wall insulation at all “six” corners of our studio, our four walls, our ceiling and our studio floor, we have created that special “R” value with one thing in mind… reduce our carbon footprint;

  • Our specialized insulation and 30 customized heat panels reduce our overall carbon footprint by more than 50% as compared to other regional hot yoga studios, making sure that you feel comfortable practicing Your Best Yoga in an ecologically sustainable environment;

  • We have also installed a special “filtered” water system, ensuring that our clients have a better, “earth friendly” water option to stay hydrated; and

  • Of course we recycle!


At Bend and Zen Hot Yoga, the environment is important to us…..for our generation and generations to come.

Inside the Bend and Zen Hot Yoga Studio
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