Your Best Yoga!
Bend and Zen Hot Yoga in Louisville, KY


Elegant: "Beauty as Resulting from Choice Qualities"

  • A 9-foot water feature that's as soothing as it is lovely;
  • Beautiful lighting with dimmer ability;
  • An exquisite hand-painted lotus flower mural; and
  • Natural light pours in through an entire wall of windows.

Pristine: "Clean and fresh as if new.  Spotless

  • A cork floor that is naturally anti-microbial; 
  • A powerful air extraction system to remove the “sweaty air” from the studio;
  • We use an earth-friendly cleaner with no VOCs that kills 99.9% of bacteria; and
  • We clean our studio after EVERY class!

Sustainable:  “The Quality of not Harming or Depleting Natural Resources”

  • 50% carbon footprint reduction by uniquely insulating our studio space;
  • Water bottle filling station where you can stay hydrated the “earth-friendly” way; and
  • We recycle – of course!
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