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This class is taught by:

Carrie Irwin

Instructor - All Level Flow, Yoga Core, Yang/Yin
200 hr RYT

Carrie found yoga a little over three years ago when she was seeking relief from chronic low back and sciatic nerve pain. Carrie began her yoga journey with an exclusive Bikram practice and found amazing relief from her pain and made incredible gains in core strength, along with gaining mental focus and an enhanced ability to concentrate both on and off her mat. She was also was amazed to find that yoga helped with symptoms of other chronic health issues she had spent a lifetime battling. She soon expanded her practice to other types of hot yoga classes including Power Vinyasa and Yoga Core. She fell even more in love with yoga, both the physical challenges and flowing poses together, which allowed her an emotional and spiritual release she has come to cherish.


Carrie has always enjoyed athletic pursuits, including playing and teaching tennis, so the challenges of hot yoga were right up her alley. It became readily apparent after adding Vinyasa to her regimen that she wanted to share her love of yoga with others. She completed her 230 hour teacher training through Asheville Yoga Center in June of 2016 and immediately began to seek opportunities to teach and share her passion for yoga with others.


Carrie has been in the social services field working with children and families for over 17 years. She is a nurturer by nature and her experiences and natural disposition have readied her to lead, teach and care for her students utilizing the transformational power of yoga.
During her free time she loves spending time with her husband, reading and hiking. Carrie is the proud mother of two adult daughters and an adult stepson. She has been a student at Bend and Zen since its inception and she is very excited to start her journey as a Bend and Zen instructor.
What really sold her on yoga was the moving meditation she experienced on her mat. She gained an incredible ability to breathe through just about anything that life throws her way and she is eager to help others discover this for themselves!

Monica Sweeney

Monica began practicing in 1999 with videos at home. Never a physically flexible or strong woman, she found Bikram Yoga in 2001. It was love. She began study under a well-respected Bikram yoga expert in 2002 and quickly learned the Bikram style of teaching. In 2003, she expanded her study to Yoga East to gain knowledge beyond the Bikram series along with yoga history and the eight-fold path. Monica trained in hatha, vinyasa, restorative, yin, ashtanga, meditation, pranayama, bandhas and yoga for injuries.

In 2005 Monica received special recognition for her project 'Teaching Yoga to the Paraplegic and the Subtle Body'. Monica says she was blessed to work closely with Matthew Sanford, a paraplegic Iyengar teacher, to gain more insights into teaching a student with paralysis. After witnessing the amazing power of mind over matter she knew she wanted to learn even more about the body and the disease process to better inform her teaching. She plunged into nursing school to get anatomy, physiology and the disease process knowledge. She is now an R.N. and works part time in home health.


Monica's training and experience have enabled her to lead workshops for 'bad backs', along with teaching at a variety of studios and health care facilities across Louisville. She teaches to all body types including triathletes, paraplegics, stroke patients, post operative spinal surgeries, pregnant women and students with MS. Monica firmly believes yoga can and does benefit everyone regardless of physical limitations. She also practices Thai and yoga inspired assisted stretching to alleviate chronic pain and physical issues.


Monica is certified in Reiki as well and practicing this healing energy work in private sessions. Monica has volunteered at The Safe Place to teach children and teenagers and witnessed first hand just how calming Vipariti Karani (legs up the wall) can be to rambunctious and challenged teens!


Monica has had the privilege to study alongside Ramanand Patel, Doug Swenson, David Swenson, Bryan Kest, Darren Rhodes, Francois Raoult, Bea Raydo, Michael Mukti Buck and Laura Spalding.


In 2013 she left the studio environment to focus on her small private yoga community to truly experience Kula and Sangha. She's been leading a small group of donation-based yoga out of her home for 8 years. Monica says she's excited to dip her toes back into a studio environment that imbibes the yogic path.


Monica’s love of yoga is evident and she prides herself on being a student, working to constantly learn and evolve. She, like you, is simply a student but decided to share that love of yoga with others. She currently practices Bikram, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Yin.


Monica currently teaches our Bikram classes.


Yin Yoga is a complementary yoga practice to the more dynamic and invigorating yang yoga and you will get it all in this class! The first section is a challenging Power Vinyasa flow followed by an extended floor series to fully relax your body. This class offers the perfect combination of the passive and the powerful aspects of yoga. You'll feel amazing after this one!

Upcoming classes:

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