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Bend and Zen Hot Yoga in Louisville, KY

Paloma Thacker

Instructor - Yoga Core
400 RYT

Paloma is an avid yoga enthusiast, practitioner and teacher along with running a yoga blog as a way to share her passion for all things yoga.  Paloma is 400 Hr certified in two different styles of yoga, Hot Vinyasa and Hot 26.  Paloma’s teaching emphasizes proper alignment, allowing students to achieve the full therapeutic benefits of yoga.  She believes in adapting postures to each students' ability (whether beginner or advanced) and that students should only go as far as accessible for their unique body.  Paloma took her practice to new heights in 2016 when she placed 1st in the Yoga Federation’s Regional Competition, which qualified her to compete in the 2016 National Yoga Championship where she placed 9th!  She is a certified coach with USA Yoga and offers private coaching.  Paloma lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband George, baby girl Harlowe, stepson Will, and her Pug Piper.

Paloma Thacker instructs the following:
  • Power Vinyasa
  • This dynamic and energizing practice integrates a flowing series of postures to create internal heat as you increase strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Our Power Vinyasa will take you through a vigorous and detoxifying sequence emphasizing conscious breath and fluid movement to strengthen the body and calm the mind. Open to all levels but best for those comfortable with the basic yoga postures and those looking for a healthy sweat.