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Bend and Zen Hot Yoga in Louisville, KY

Jacquelyn Koerber

Instructor - Hot 26 Flow
200 hr RYT


It was only just a few years ago that Jacquelyn first found hot yoga. Looking for a way to cross train with running, she tried her first Bikram class. Not realizing how challenging hot yoga could be, she ran 6 miles in the heat of August before her first class! Needless to say it was only a few minutes in that she learned hot yoga was no joke! Like running, she loved the physical and mental challenges of hot yoga, but with the added benefit of feeling amazing after class. It didn’t take long and she was hooked!


Fitness and nutrition have always been important to Jacquelyn. As a competitive soccer player early in life, she was introduced to the power of the mind-body connection, preparing her for the physical and mental challenge that is hot yoga. After her soccer career ended, she attended Indiana University, solidifying her understanding of the value of health and nutrition. Watching her grandfather suffer with cancer, she adopted clean eating and became an avid runner.


After college Jacquelyn moved to New York City, where she became a Buyer for Donna Karan. After six years in NYC, she decided she wanted to live closer to friends and family. Today, she lives in Louisville and is the second-generation owner of Koerber’s Fine Jewelry in southern Indiana. After living away from home for so many years Jacquelyn loved that yoga enabled her to meet so many new people. Yoga has a community unlike any other she had experienced. Jacequlyn began leading Quiet Bikram classes and humbled by the opportunity, Jacquelyn happily accepted the challenge. With every class Jacquelyn wants to ensure each student has a great workout, but also has fun. You won’t find the ‘typical’ yoga music in her class, as she likes to keep the mood lifted with upbeat tunes.


Jacquelyn graduated from a 230 hour teacher training course in 2015 at the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC. She is ecstatic to share her knowledge with the students at Bend and Zen.

Jacquelyn Koerber is currently not instructing any classes.