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The Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga Class at Bend and Zen Hot Yoga in Louisville, KYHot yoga is without a doubt good for your health! From major health issues such as blood pressure and losing weight, to things as simple as getting a better night’s yoga is your answer. Practicing yoga in a heated room increases your heart rate which intensifies the "workout" allowing for some major calorie burn!  The heat also allows your muscles to become more supple making gains in flexibility occur more quickly than outside of the heat.


Hot yoga is amazing for weight loss, as you sweat soon after entering the studio and it only intensifies as the class progresses. You will experience an increase in muscle tone and improved stamina as you challenge yourself to hold the poses and stay focused during the sequences.   But most importantly, hot yoga helps you develop a sense of calm in the face of physical and environmental adversity, which transfers to life off your mat.


Yoga in a heated studio goes above and beyond when it comes to relieving stress and building inner confidence.  This practice is the true definition of "mind over matter."  The endorphin rush you receive after completing a 60 or 75 minute sweat session will leave you feeling like there's nothing you can't accomplish.

Yoga Health Articles

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Hot Yoga Class in Session at Bend and Zen Hot Yoga in Louisville, KY


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