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Bend and Zen Hot Yoga in Louisville, KY

New Students at Bend and Zen Hot Yoga

New to Yoga? We are here to help!

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga, most simply defined, is yoga taught in a heated room, typically between 98 – 105 degrees.  Hot yoga is open to all levels of practitioners and you will quickly see both the benefits and the challenges.  As with any new journey, preparation is key. Below is a list of how to prepare for your first hot yoga experience to make sure it’s

"Your Best Yoga!" – right from the start.


Yoga Pose from a Yoga Teacher at Bend and Zen Hot Yoga in Louisville

What You Need To Know Before Your First Hot Yoga Class

Arrive to class early

It's recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes early for you first class as you'll need to fill out a form, sign the liability waiver and familiarize yourself with the studio and locker room.  


Know which class you’re taking

Bend and Zen Hot Yoga has a diverse menu of classes options and while this is great news, you do need to ensure that you read the class description and know what you’re getting prior to coming. Class durations vary, lasting either 60, 75, or 90 minutes, so please plan accordingly. Visit the Yoga Class Descriptions page on our website for the details.


Bring a mat, yoga towel and water bottle

Don't forget your mat, large towel to make sure you don't slip and your water bottle.  If fall in love with hot yoga (and we know you will) it’s recommended you invest in a quality mat and Yogitoe, which we sell in the studio for your convenience. 


If you forget any of these items, no worries!  You are more than welcome to borrow from us!

Wear the right clothing

You don’t need to buy expensive outfits to be a yogi, but you do need form-fitting clothing that won’t interfere with the yoga.  Those baggy shorts and t-shirts you use for running aren’t going to cut it!  Leggings and tight shorts are both good options. 



Hot yoga is an intense workout that guarantees you will sweat, and sweat a lot, making hydration critical to having the best possible experience.  You need to hydrate not only the day of the class, but also the day before. You will sweat more than you thought possible and your body needs more fluids than it would for other types of exercise.  Drink a steady amount of water throughout the day before you practice, during the class and drink more water after class!  Coconut water and other electrolyte replacements are great post-yoga options.


Avoid eating right before class

Hot yoga on a full stomach is NOT a good idea!  We recommend avoiding eating two to three hours before class to maximize your experience in class and minimize any nausea. A light, healthy snack a couple of hours before class is fine and keep drinking lots of water!


Listen to your body

Yoga is all about balance - balance between strength and flexibility, breath and movement, ease and effort.  Your yoga journey is just beginning, so be patient and listen to your body throughout the class.  Be kind to yourself and take breaks when needed and try not to compare yourself to others.  It's a huge accomplishment to show up and stay throughout the class!


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