Your Best Yoga!
Bend and Zen Hot Yoga in Louisville, KY

Know your yoga etiquette

  • Silence is golden!  The yoga room is a place for quiet meditation and often the only space for silence many people get throughout their day.  Please respect this sacred space and remain silent in the studio.
  • Leave all items (cell phones, purses, wallets, car keys, etc) in the cubbies provided in the locker room.  This is your time to unplug!
  • Try to stay in the room for the entire class.  Leaving during the practice is not only distracting to others, but your acclimation to the heat is disrupted as well.
  • Remove your shoes upon entering the lobby - barefoot is best!
  • For beginners, consider positioning yourself near the back so you can observe other practitioners and the instructor throughout the class.  Try to avoid blocking a fellow student’s view of themselves in the mirror if you can help it.
  • Skip the perfume or scented lotion prior to class, as the heat can intensify the smell and not everyone likes the same smells. 
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