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Yoga Teacher Training | Goals and Curriculum

Goals of the Training

The Bend and Zen Hot Yoga Teacher Training is dedicated to helping students become great yoga teachers.  The training emphasizes skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to teaching Vinyasa yoga.  In addition, the training creates space for experiences that will benefit people holistically.  


The training has four primary goals

Learn How to Teach Vinyasa Yoga

As a teacher training course, our first priority is to make sure that you receive the best possible training in preparation for teaching asana.


Create Sangha

Sangha, Sanskrit for “community”, is an inspired collective of individuals that supports one another in their practice and in their lives. We aim to create an environment that supports the community that will begin on the first day of your training – your teacher training sangha. This is your tribe!


Strengthen Personal Practice 

The foundation of strong teaching is a strong personal practice. The lectures, the curriculum and the practices are all created so that you as individuals and as a community can go deep into the experience of yoga practice.


Inspire Inquiry 

There is an ocean of knowledge available in the yoga teacher training, in the yoga universe and in life! One of the best ways to stay humble, awake and connected is to realize how much we do NOT know. We aspire to enliven a sense of continued inquiry in the training to awaken your innate sense of curiosity and desire for life-long learning.

Program Curriculum
200 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved RYS 200 Hour Program at Bend and Zen Hot Yoga

Teaching Techniques

(posture alignment, class design & sequencing)

100 hours

Teaching Methodology & Ethical Teaching Practices​

(practice teaching, class management, ethical teaching)

45 hours

Anatomy and Physiology​​​​​

(10 hours online, self-study, 10 hours in-person labs)

20 hours

Yoga History & Philosophy, Mindfulness Meditation​​​

(History of the Buddha & the Buddha’s Yoga)

20 hours


(teaching live classes and small groups)

20 hours

Homework and Assigned Reading

10 hours
Total Hours 215 hours


Required Readings

  • ‘Bhagavad Gita: A New Translation’ by Stephen Mitchell
  • ‘Living Your Yoga’ by Judith Lasater
  • ‘Mindfulness Yoga: The Awakened Union of Breath, Body and Mind’ by Frank Jude Boccio
  • ‘Threads of Yoga’ by Matthew Remski
  • ‘The Key Muscles of Yoga’ by Ray Long, MD, FRCSC
  • ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ any translation


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